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Latest News From BioPharmaChem

    July 2014

  • Amgen receives FDA Breakthrough Therapy Designation for investigational BiTE antibody blinatumomab in acute lymphoblastic leukemia

    02 July, 2014

    Amgen (NASDAQ:AMGN) announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted Breakthrough Therapy Designation to investigational bispecific T cell engager (BiTE) antibody blinatumomab, for adults with Philadelphia-negative (Ph-) relapsed/refractory B-precursor acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), a rapidly progressing cancer of the blood and bone marrow(1).

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  • Pfizer to keep 100 workers after review

    Pfizer to keep 100 workers after review

    11 July, 2014

    Pfizer has confirmed that a change in work practices and an upsurge in workload means it is not going to press ahead with 100 of the 130 redundancies it had flagged one of its Cork plants two years ago.

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  • Novartis to license Google "smart lens" technology

    16 July, 2014

    Novartis announced that its eye care division Alcon has entered into an agreement with a division of Google Inc. to in-license its "smart lens" technology for all ocular medical uses. The agreement with Google[x], a team within Google that is devoted to finding new solutions to big global problems, provides Alcon with the opportunity to develop and commercialize Google's "smart lens" technology with the potential to transform eye care and further enhance Alcon's pipeline and global leadership in contact lenses and intraocular lenses. The transaction remains subject to anti-trust approvals.

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  • Merck strengthens commitment to Chinese growth market

    23 July, 2014

    Merck, a leading company for high-tech products in the pharmaceutical and chemical sectors, today reiterated its commitment to investments in the Chinese market, strengthening a major pillar of its emerging markets growth strategy.

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  • Scientists discover new, noncommittal mechanism of drug resistance

    30 July, 2014

    Microorganisms like bacteria and fungi can evade treatment by acquiring mutations in the genes targeted by antibiotics or antifungal drugs. These permanent mutations were once thought to be the only way for drug-resistant strains to evolve. Now a new study has shown that microorganisms can use a temporary silencing of drug targets - known as epimutations - to gain the benefits of drug resistance without the commitment.

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