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    September 2016

  • The Role of a Scientist in Biotech Evolves with the Sector

    05 September, 2016

    The article is a nice snap shot of what it is like to work within the biopharmaceutical industry at the moment. Within the article Bernadette Gallagher, of Bristol-Myers Squibb, is interviewed about her career progression within the pharma sector. Bernadette really captures the dynamic nature of working within a pharmaceutical company.

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  • Irish Invention may Revolutionize Biopharma Production

    07 September, 2016

    Process analytical technology (PAT), Is one of the biggest developments in Manufacturing technology in recent decades. This technology can be used to measure attributes such as product yield, pH and temperature within a reaction vessel in real time. A collaboration between the Tyndall Institute in Cork and NIBRT institution in Dublin has produced the PATsule. It will revolutionize the way that PAT is used within industry. Innovations such as this, are the reason why large pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer, MSD and GSK set up facilities in Ireland.

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  • Galway Med Tech Firm Vivasure Raises €16.5m in Funding

    09 September, 2016

    A Galway-based medical device company has raised a considerable amount of capital to commercialize its newest innovative product. Vivasure which was founded in 2009 has produced an absorbate that can close up large-hole percutaneous vessels within a patient. This allows surgeons to finish heart surgery without needing to use stitches. This is a fantastic innovation which is more cost effective, less invasive and will most importantly help so many patients.

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  • Offaly-Based Medtech Firm Steripack sees Profits Jump

    12 September, 2016

    Steripack a company whos headquarters is based in Clara, Co. Offaly has witnessed a massive rise in profit in the past year. The company was bought over by US company Bemis for €70 million. This more than doubled this years profits. The company produces sterile packaging for the healthcare and pharmaceuticals industries.

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  • 110 jobs in Limerick as Biotech Firm Ortec Opens Euro HQ

    14 September, 2016

    US-based company, Ortec Inc is planning to set up its western European HQ in Newcastle West, Limerick. This company was established in 1980 in North Carolina. The site in Limerick is the first site commissioned outside of the United States. The company produce primarily polymers for a variety of different applications. Examples of these applications are as follows: pharmaceuticals, medical devices, excipients, bioabsorbable products, hygienic products, cosmetics and nutritional additives.

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  • Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Seeks Further Growth

    16 September, 2016

    Teva Pharmaceuticals which has sites based in Waterford and Dundalk has recently acquired Allergan pharmaceuticals. This deal which cost Teva a massive 40 billion dollars will allow the company to become the largest producer of generic drugs. They have plans to grow and produce between 1,000 and 1,500 new drugs a year. This will be good for the Waterford plant which deals with Research and Development of new products.

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  • NIBRT Partners with GE to Produce 1,500 ‘Bio-Professionals’ Annually

    19 September, 2016

    GE Healthcare has announced that they will invest €150 million into its Cork site over the next few years. They plan to collaborate with the NIBRT institute in Dublin to train staff members to produce 1,500 bio-professionals annually. The continual investment of global companies such as GE Healthcare into Irish sites will ensure that the biopharma industry within Ireland will continue to prosper into the future.

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  • Pharma Company Mallinckrodt to Create 75 New Jobs in Dublin

    21 September, 2016

    Mallinckrodt a company which is based in Blanchardstown, Dublin, has announced that it will create 40 new jobs in its R&D plant. The company who produces specialized X-Ray contrast media and generic analgesic drugs. This brings the number of individuals working within this plant to 120 overall.

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  • Life Science Career Opportunities - Biopharma, Medtech, Engineering Fair

    23 September, 2016

    A fantastic Event is happening in Athlone Institute of Technology on Wednesday the 28th of September. A careers fair which is focused at people searching for careers in the Biopharma, Medical Device and Engineering fields. There will be representatives from blue chip companies from all over Ireland as well as organisations helping job seekers such as the PharmaChemSkillnet. So if you are actively seeking a career in the sector it would be a great help in your efforts.

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  • Pharmaceutical Firm Plans 80 New Jobs

    26 September, 2016

    Alter Pharmaceuticals plans to create a further eighty jobs in their Dublin-based site. The company produces a range of generic drugs in areas such as oncology, cardiology and central nervous system disorders. The openings will be filled by 2018. These positions will be in a number of disciplines such as: research and development, regulatory, supply chain, warehouse, and quality.

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  • Life Sciences Opportunities Fair- Athlone Institute of Technology.

    29 September, 2016

    On Wednesday last there was a careers fair in Athlone Institute of Technology. The PharmaChemSkillnet had a stall open on the day speaking with JobSeekers about what we do. I hope if you came along to the stand that you got a better understand of the network and insight into what the Skillnet can do for you. The turn out to the event was fantastic with companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Alexion,Pfizer, Boston Scientific, Abbott among others attending the event. It was a great chance to network with industry.

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  • Galway Centre Gives Ireland Cutting Galway Edge in Medtech

    30 September, 2016

    €68 million has been invested in a new research center at NUI Galway. The facility will focus on tackling chronic diseases. The research center will keep Ireland on the innovative cutting edge of the medical device sector.

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