Human Error Forum with the HPRA, BioPharmaChem Skillnet and BioPharmaChem Ireland

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In 2009 and 2010 we ran two very informative Human Error events that featured presentations from a number of companies along with presentations from Kevin O'Donnell of the HPRA.

Human Error is currently a Hot Topic in industry and with the QRM guideline ICH Q9 currently under revision with the HPRA as Rapporteur, we are holding a Human Error Forum on Tuesday 16th November from 10am-4pm featuring a look back on what was previously presented, an update from the previous presenters(where possible) on what worked/didn't work over the last 10-12 years and a presentation from the HPRA. 

We would also like to ask if there are specific topics that you would like to see covered and if there are any companies that would like to come forward and present on what they are doing in the area of Human Error. 

The HPRA will also be speaking on the use of immersive technologies for training from a regulators perspective. 

We are planning for a virtual event, but if restrictions have eased by November and a face to face event is permissible, this will take place in either Dublin or Cork.

Any specific topics that you would like to suggest or anyone that would like to present on the day can email or with the request.

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Date 16/11/2021
Time 10am-4pm
Location To be confirmed
Provider BioPharmaChem Skillnet & BPCI
Number of places 35
Member Cost € FOC