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Nuritas strikes collaboration agreement with US manufacturer Pharmavite

06 February, 2019

Nuritas and Pharmavite, a California-based vitamin, supplement and mineral manufacturer, have entered into a discovery and option agreement aimed at discovering and commercialising bioactive peptide networks for the consumer supplement market.











Nuritas will deploy its technology platform that combines artificial intelligence and DNA analysis to predict, unlock and validate bioactive peptide ingredients. Using its quality-driven, science-based capabilities, Pharmavite will formulate the bioactive peptides into consumer dose forms, validating efficacy with stringent clinical trials.

From treatment to prevention

“As consumer preference and healthcare necessity switches attention from treatment to prevention, nutritional supplements and functional foods play a key role in the Nuritas consumer strategy,” said Neil Foster, head of strategic partnerships at Nuritas. “Consumers are increasingly seeking natural products but with the highest possible levels of scientific evidence to support their efficacy.”

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