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Responding to disruptions in the pharmaceutical Supply Chain

08 February, 2019

A Research Article: Drug shortages and supply chain disruptions can affect healthcare provision. This study sought to determine the response actions after a supply chain disruption occurs, which previous research has largely ignored.


In total, 55.2% of responding acute hospitals based in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Ireland did not have ≥76% of medicine lines (for a preselected list of medicines: lidocaine injection; aciclovir infusion solution and powder; glycopyrronium bromide injection; ketamine injection; lorazepam injection) fulfilled within eight weeks of a disruption in the supply chain. The patterns of strategic responses to supply chain disruptions varied depending on the length of time since the disruption, and this can impact performance.

Discussion and conclusion:

This study gives insights into the impact of supply chain disruption response behaviour and supply chain performance on shortage management. A unique supply chain disruption shortage management roadmap is proposed, which could help guide practice and drug delivery by providing strategic insights on a system-wide view of drug delivery performance.

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