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Azure seeks to protect Ireland against medicine shortage

22 January, 2020

Pharma industry veteran Sandra Gannon has set up a new business to tackle supply shortages of common drugs in Ireland. Ms Gannon, formerly the head of generics giant Teva in Ireland and chairwoman for the generics industry lobby group, said medicine shortages have been growing in Ireland in recent years.

Azure Pharmaceuticals, the company she has established with former Teva colleague Aideen Kenny, is looking to step into a gap created when larger pharma companies decide that it is no longer worth investing in older, off-patent products.

“We want to fill gaps in the medicines market here – those left when products become too old and low value to be of interest to multinational pharma companies,” she said.

Ms Gannon notes the Irish regulator, the Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA), currently lists 178 products as out of stock and there are fears the figure could grow post-Brexit as supply-chain issues become more acute. A list managed by the Irish Pharmaceutical Union lists more than 300 products that it says are not currently available for a variety of reasons.

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