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BioPharma Ambition 2020 taking place today in Dublin

04 March, 2020

BioPharma Ambition is an international event in Dublin Castle on March 3rd and 4th that explores the future for globally networked biopharmaceutical innovation.

Members of our team are attending BioPharma Ambition today. This all-Island event aims to mark the impact of biopharmaceutical innovators, showcasing the economic and social value they create for Ireland. The event is a stage to celebrate the discovery, development, manufacture and delivery of innovative medicines and technologies for improving human health.

It has been highlighted that there are 2.6 million jobs generated by Europe's biopharmaceutical industry, with 45,000 of those jobs being in Ireland. The industry contributes €14.7 billion to Ireland's economy, which is 7% of Europe's total biopharmaceutical value.

About 62% of Ireland's exports comprise goods from the biopharmaceutical sector. The events taking place today include two workshops, a social event, and a government-hosted dinner. There will be a total of 29 speakers throughout the day. The event was opened by our Tanasite, Simon Coveney.

The event will strengthen our networks, research collaborations, reputation and investment proposition as we look to the future of innovation in biopharmaceutical research and manufacturing.