BioPharmaChem Skillnet launches new programme in Virtual Reality

05 March, 2021

Yesterday in association with the Virtual Interaction Research Lab (VIRal) at TU Dublin we launched our first Virtual Reality Programme - Aseptic Techniques for Biomanufacturing in VR.

Embracing virtual reality technology, the programme develops skills on aseptic techniques - which focus on managing sterile environments and minimising contamination - via an Oculus VR headset. Traditionally this training is delivered in the production environment, which can be disruptive as it often requires production line downtime. This programme will enable upskilling outside of the live environment, reducing risk and creating opportunities to manufacture additional batches of product estimated at up to €10 million.

We look forward to developing this technology further and continuing to partner with industry and academia as we embrance the use of immersive technologies in Learning and Development.

The programme will be available to industry through the BioPharmaChem Skillnet at the end of March.